Then and Now

As WAM staff prepare to re-open next month following a year-long closure in which the existing museum facility received a face-lift and addition, it is an interesting occasion that we at the Archives are processing the very boxes that document the initial planning and physical build of the Frank Gehry designed museum which resides on the East Bank of the U of M-Twin Cities campus.

The following photos were found amongst the folders and contents that later filled BOX 174. A folder titled, “New Building: Site planning” was paper-clipped to the photographs. The date stamp on the photos give a clue to the year they were taken…

Can you identify what is missing from the following photos?


Web_WAM_176_Site-2.jpg Web_WAM_176_Site-3.jpg
Web_WAM_176_Site-4.jpg Web_WAM_176_Site-5.jpg
Web_WAM_176_Site-6.jpg Web_WAM_176_Site-8.jpg
Web_WAM_176_Site-7.jpg Web_WAM_176_Site-9.jpg