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Panorama,  the journal of the Association of Historians of American Art (, seeks submissions for Research Notes to appear in future issues of the journal.

Panorama is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication dedicated to American art and visual culture (broadly defined). The journal is intended to provide a high-caliber international forum for disseminating original research and scholarship and for sustaining a lively engagement with intellectual developments and methodological debates in art history, visual and material cultural studies, and curatorial work. It encourages a broad range of perspectives and approaches within an interdisciplinary framework and welcomes submissions that utilize the insights of both traditional and new historical and interpretive approaches to American art.

Panorama welcomes scholarly submissions in various formats, including research notes and feature-length articles. Research Notes are short works of original scholarship that bring attention to new museum acquisitions, recent research discoveries, or projects in development (curatorial, academic, and/or digital). Authors are encouraged to consider multimedia presentations for their work or interactive illustrations that can engage with digital humanities applications.

Research Notes are usually written in the first person, so that the author’s voice and excitement are significant. They can be informal in tone and speculative in content; at the same time, essays should demonstrate significant engagement with an image, art object, or archival find through detailed visual analysis and attention to the scholarly context for the discovery. Most authors place their presentation of the object, discovery or project’s main questions/interventions in the introductory paragraph, including or followed by how they discovered the information. Essays should clearly explain the significance of the discovery, analyzing and speculating on how it fits within (or adjacent to) the context of their larger research agenda, contributes to the field, and/or suggests new directions for scholarly exploration. Research Notes are an opportunity to share those wonderful moments when fresh information comes to light, to introduce new resources that may be of interest to other scholars, and/or to begin conversation within our intellectual community.

Research Notes are usually around 2,500 words long; they may include footnotes and up to five illustrations.

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