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Thank You

After 16 issues and over four years of publication, Open Rivers: Rethinking Water, Place & Community continues both to expand the range of conversations to which we contribute and to connect with new contributors, readers, and communities.

Children swinging on the pond’s banyan tree. Image courtesy of the author.

The Gift of Water

India today faces a wide variety of issues related to water management. These include flooding during the several-month monsoon season, a lack of water during the dry season, depletion of groundwater stores, and unreliable water pipelines bringing water into cities…

Intersections of roads, railroads, drainage, and river. Image courtesy of Sergio Souza.

Introduction to Issue Sixteen

There’s a saying among water professionals that the public only cares about water when there is too much or too little, when there is a flood or a drought…

The Colorado River is visible in the distance through a light haze under blue sky, at the base of the Grand Canyon's walls in its inner gorge. Foreground shows the high desert terrace.

Time in the Canyon

By David Morrison A bit over half a century ago, Colin Fletcher walked, in two months, from one end of Grand Canyon National Park…