The People Who Make This Journal Happen

John Day River, Oregon. Photographer Bob Wick, BLM. (CC BY 2.0)
John Day River, Oregon. Photographer Bob Wick, BLM. (CC BY 2.0)

By Open Rivers Editorial Staff

In 2017, Open Rivers: Rethinking Water, Place & Community has been pleased to be able to publish material from insightful writers, work with thoughtful reviewers, and receive guidance from our esteemed board members. The success and growth of Open Rivers has been made possible through the collaboration of all these people from across diverse disciplines, professions, and geographies. Thank you all for your contributions and for being part of the Open Rivers community.   

2017 Contributors

  • Kristen Anderson
  • John O. Anfinson
  • Sarah Axtell
  • Jay Bell
  • Anna Bierbrauer
  • Martin Case
  • Chris Caskey
  • Christina Collins
  • Sigma Colon
  • Katie Crawford-Lackey
  • Kirsten Delegard
  • Greg Donofrio
  • Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
  • Rina Faletti
  • Tom Fisher
  • Anabel Galindo
  • Lewis E. Gilbert
  • Mark Gorman
  • Jennifer Gunn
  • Stevan Harrell
  • Katherine Hayes
  • Barbara Heitkamp
  • John Helland
  • Hilary Holmes
  • James Hopkins
  • Tyler Huxtable
  • Nicholas R. Jordan
  • Reba Juetten
  • Len Kne
  • Rosalyn R. LaPier
  • Kan Li
  • Barbara J. Little
  • Nenette Luarca-Shoaf
  • Patrick Manning
  • Jennifer Marshall
  • Valsin Marmillion
  • Laura Matson
  • Kelly McGinnis
  • Monica McKay
  • Charlotte Melin
  • Brianna Menning
  • Alex Messenger
  • Ruth Mostern
  • David Mulla
  • David Pellow
  • Sami Poindexter
  • Marguerite Ragnow
  • Laura Salveson
  • Carissa Schively Slotterback
  • Paul A. Shackel
  • Mona Smith
  • Susannah L. Smith
  • Mihnea Tanasescu
  • Ian Teh
  • Angie Tillges
  • Joe Underhill
  • Ann Waltner
  • Catherine Watson
  • Bethany Wiggin


Download PDF of The People Who Make This Journal Happen by Open Rivers Editorial Staff.

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