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Bridge over rapids. Image courtesy of Fabian Schneiter.

By Open Rivers Editorial Staff

After 16 issues and over four years of publication, Open Rivers: Rethinking Water, Place & Community continues both to expand the range of conversations to which we contribute and to connect with new contributors, readers, and communities. Issues 13–16 encourage our audience to explore how water is implicated in questions of injustice and inequality, how the ancient past might inform responses to climate change, how story might reconfigure how we engage with water and each other, and how fluctuations in water quantity (and quality) shape our social worlds. These questions push us to reach across difference, across communities, across professional sectors, and across disciplines, and in doing so, they represent Open Rivers at its best.

This work has been made possible through the support and collaboration of our editorial board members, guest editors, writers, and reviewers. The editorial team, on behalf of the University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study and our partners at the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services Division, is grateful to our extensive editorial community for contributing to the ongoing quality and success of this journal.


  • Mary Jane Acuña
  • Debika Banerji
  • Karen Bauer
  • Hannah Baxter
  • Jay Bell
  • Rebecca Bria
  • Lisa Marie Brimmer
  • adrienne maree brown
  • Kate Brauman
  • Juliet Burba
  • Kate Carlson
  • Carlos R. Chiriboga
  • Christina Collins
  • Craig E. Colten
  • Jaskiran Dhillon
  • Caroline Fidan Tyler Doenmez
  • Greg Donofrio
  • Bree Duever
  • Jayeesha Dutta
  • Tracy Fallon
  • Tom Fisher
  • Britt Gangeness
  • Tia-Simone Gardner
  • Merle Geode
  • Lewis E. Gilbert
  • Mark Gorman
  • Emily Green
  • Jennifer Gunn
  • Mahin Hamilton
  • Katherine Hayes
  • Sarah Holger
  • Ashley Ignatius
  • Jennifer L. Immich
  • Siddharth Iyengar
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Simi Kang
  • Linda Kingery
  • Karen Kinoshita
  • Douglas Klimbal
  • Steve Kosiba
  • Kevin Kuehner
  • David Todd Lawrence
  • Kimberly Long
  • Nenette Luarca-Shoaf
  • Adriel Luis
  • Paula Maday
  • Charlotte Melin
  • Brianna Menning
  • Lewis C. Messenger Jr.
  • Phyllis Mauch Messenger
  • Melissa Miller
  • David Morrison
  • Olivia Navarro-Farr
  • Tianna M. Odegard
  • William G. B. Odum
  • David Naguib Pellow
  • Amit Pradhananga
  • Alexander E. Rivas
  • Jessica Rossi-Mastracci
  • Tim Ruzek
  • Laura Salveson
  • Jen Schaust
  • Yvonne P. Sherwood
  • Jae Hyun Shim
  • Sun Yung Shin
  • Mona Smith
  • Susannah L. Smith
  • Jennifer Tonko
  • Abby Travis
  • Margaret Wagner
  • Doris Walter
  • Lark Weller
  • Brent K. S. Woodfill
  • Travis Zimmerman


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