The Movement Lawyer of 2020 by Ian Taylor, Jr. & Haaris Pasha

Want to hear how two recent University of Minnesota Law grads chose to respond to the tragic killing of George Floyd? Click the link to learn more about the inspiration behind the “Breathless” podcast, created by Ian Taylor, Jr. (’19) and Haaris Pasha (’19).

Formulating a Fix: Past, Present, and Future State and Federal Efforts to Rectify the Abuses of Form Contracts

The omnipresence of the form contract and its puzzling fit into the jigsaw known as ‘contract law’ requires a reevaluation of the basic principles of contract law and their application to this new contract. This Note will specifically address legislative efforts to stem the most harmful terms that form contracts contain as a practical method of alleviating oppressive terms.

Response to MPD’s Killing of George Floyd

As this week marked by the death of Mr. Floyd draws to a close, many questions have emerged. How should we address a “code of blue silence” that has not held police accountable for the city’s standards of law enforcement conduct? Is the disciplinary process for police working?

JLI’s Statement of Solidarity

Black Lives Matter. The Journal of Law & Inequality extends its deepest sympathies to Mr. George Floyd’s loved ones and condemns the unequal legal system that continues to destroy Black American lives like Mr. Floyd’s. The Journal is deeply concerned that police brutality is disproportionately affecting Black Americans in our city and demands an independent and unbiased investigation into Mr. Floyd’s killing.