August 2020

Blogging Break

The blog will be taking a late summer break, with no scheduled posts until September 14. Be well and stay tuned …

Ohio SoS Extends, Restricts Use Of Drop Boxes for 2020 General

Ohio’s Secretary of State issued a directive yesterday extending the use of drop boxes at county election offices for the 2020 general election – but the directive is generating controversy because it says that single drop box is the only one that is permitted this fall.

States’ Newest Logistical Challenge: Polling Place PPE

States are facing myriad challenges associated with conducting an election during a pandemic, and the latest one is a new twist on a familiar problem: how much personal protective equipment (PPE), including hand sanitizer, to order and deliver to polling places?

Ballot Shortage Halts Puerto Rico Primary

Puerto Rico had to halt its primary scheduled yesterday after widespread ballot shortages at polling places around the island, leading to a rescheduled vote and calls for the chief election official to resign.