March 2020

Ohio Suspends Primary for Coronavirus Concerns

Late last night, after a chaotic day when voting was off then on then off again, the State of Ohio closed polling places for what would have been today’s primary election due to the coronavirus threat and moved to postpone voting until a later date.

Now Playing, Number 31: Texas Joins ERIC

Yesterday, Texas became the 31st member of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a multi-state voter registration data exchange aimed at comparing state voter rolls and identifying both ineligible individuals and those eligible but unregistered to vote.

ElectionlineWeekly’s Super Tuesday 2020 Roundup

After months (years?) of anticipation, Super Tuesday 2020 is behind us – and while the political storylines are still playing out, electionline’s Mindy Moretti has a rundown of how the day went across the nation on the election administration front.