January 2020

EAC Awards Six “Clearies” in Pollworker Recruitment, Accessibility

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission awarded 2019 Clearinghouse Awards (“Clearies”) to six election offices for their innovative work in pollworker recruitment and accessibility for voters with disabilities. They represent some of the most thoughtful and cutting-edge work being done right now in the elections field.

EAC Announces Winners of Innovation “Clearies”

Six jurisdictions have been recognized by the EAC to receive Clearinghouse Awards (“Clearies”) for projects reflecting innovation in the field of elections. Collectively, they exemplify some of the best work out there aiming to change the elections field – including both new technological approaches and old-fashioned community outreach.

Illinois to Provide Students With Excused Absence to Vote

Illinois students will now have a two-hour excused absence on a school day to vote, thanks to a new law signed by the Governor yesterday. It’s a fascinating approach to addressing student voting and one worth watching once it goes into effect this summer.

New Jersey Enacts OVR

Yesterday, New Jersey became the latest state to permit online voter registration with the enactment of a new bill that will offer voters the option to register online beginning this summer.