December 2019

BPC’s Matt Weil to Join December 12 Webinar on Polling Place Lines

Matt Weil of the Bipartisan Policy Center will join the next UMN election webinar this Thursday, December 12 to discuss the challenge of long polling place lines. The session will be co-hosted by UMN and Democracy Fund’s Tammy Patrick, and will feature a conversation about election turnout preparations and a look ahead to 2020..

No More One-Horse Races? Utah Discusses Eliminating Uncontested Ballots

Voters with uncontested ballots could no longer receive mail ballots under a proposal currently being discussed in Utah. The discussion mirrors that in other communities, where uncontested ballots generate costs that jurisdictions don’t necessarily want to pay – especially as more and more voters cast ballots at home.

Bigger Boat: Fairfax County, VA Planning for 90% Turnout in 2020

Election officials nationwide are already expecting sky-high voter turnout in 2020, but Virginia’s Fairfax County in the D.C. suburbs is projecting as many as 90% of its voters to cast ballots in next year’s general election. That reflects an expectation that 2020 is likely to see record-setting turnout in many communities across the nation.

San Juan, UT Clerk Faces Electioneering Charge

San Juan, Utah’s county clerk is facing an electioneering charge after he allegedly distributed, in polling places, copies of an editorial regarding a pending election. It’s a powerful reminder to election officials at every level about the need to keep communications with voters, especially on Election Day, not just clear but non-partisan.

New Faces in Important Places for 2020

As the 2020 election approaches, several states will have new election leadership in place following elections in Kentucky and Mississippi and appointments in Michigan and Pennsylvania.