October 2019

Cook County, IL To Add Voting Materials in Eight New Languages

Illinois’ Cook County (Chicago) has launched a new program to make ballots and other voting materials available in eight new languages in an effort to reach more voters. It’s a recognition that federal law is an important first step but doesn’t always reach all voters to need language assistance.

#ElectionTough: Drop Boxes (Literally) Harden Voting Process

You hear a lot lately about efforts to “harden” the voting process – but that’s usually a metaphor for jurisdictions focused on election security. In Washington State and elsewhere, ballot drop boxes are literally hardening elections and taking what the world can dish out in order to keep votes safe.

Early Voting to Debut in New York

Starting next weekend, New York State voters will have the opportunity to cast their votes in person before Election Day – though the rollout has raised some issues that the state hopes to address before next year’s presidential election.

electionlineWeekly’s 2019 SoS Election Preview

The 2019 election is an off year in most places, but three states (Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi) have statewide elections that include the office of Secretary of State. electionline’s Mindy Moretti has a preview of all three races in this week’s newsletter.