September 2019

Congressional Fight Looms Over EAC FY20 Budget

The looming Congressional negotiation over federal election cybersecurity funding also has significance for the Election Assistance Commission, whose fiscal year 2020 budget looks very different in the two spending bills passed in the House and Senate.

National Voter Registration Day 2019

Today is the eighth annual National Voter Registration Day – a day dedicated to getting as many people possible registered and ready for Election Day, this year and every year.

Microsoft to Extend Windows 7 Security Support for Election Systems

Microsoft announced last week that it will extend free security support for election offices with systems running Windows 7 – offering relief beyond a planned “end of life” for the operating system early next year which left many in the election community concerned about what that meant for the 2020 election.

Colorado SoS to Ban QR Codes for Ballots

Colorado’s Secretary of State has disallowed the use of QR codes and other printed barcodes for elections in the state, saying they pose a threat to election security and verifiability of ballots. The move is likely to spur conversations and potential adoptions in other states.