Judd Choate to Host EI-ISAC Webinar TODAY

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Colorado state election director Judd Choate will be leading a University of Minnesota elections program webinar at 1pm Central time TODAY on the benefits of membership in the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC). Here’s the webinar invitation:

Improving election security at the state and local level requires working with national partners, including The Department of Homeland Security and the EI-ISAC. The Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC) was established to address just these elections cybersecurity needs. Through the EI-ISAC, election administrators gain extraordinary access to elections-focused security information, but this information can be highly technical. This webinar is a practical guide to why you should become a member of the EI-ISAC and how to use EI-ISAC information to protect your elections. Colorado Election Director, Judd Choate, leads a discussion with Ben Spear and Kateri Gill of the EI-ISAC.

To sign up for the webinar, click here.

Here at UMN, we are excited that Judd has agreed to work with us to build out our coursework in the area of election security – and this webinar is just the latest of what we hope will be many opportunities for him to share his first-rate knowledge, experience, and contacts with the election community. Thanks also to Ben and Kateri for taking the time to participate today – I hope you will take the time to join us!

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