July 2019

Annexed Boise Neighborhood Left Out of Voting Rolls For Almost Five Years

A Boise, ID neighborhood annexed by the city in 2014 was left off the voting rolls for almost five years – frustrating residents and leading some to seek a refund of their property taxes. It’s the latest example of what happens when mapmakers from one part of local government are not coordinating with the elections office.

New Rutgers Report Shows Turnout by Voters With Disabilities Surged in 2018

A new report from Rutgers University professors Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse finds that turnout among voters with disabilities surged in 2018 – although still lagging behind the rate of voters without disabilities. It’s a signal that voters with disabilities should remain a high priority for the election community in 2020 – and beyond.

Hawaii Becomes 4th State to Move to Vote By Mail

Hawaii became the fourth state to move to an all vote-by-mail system with the Governor’s signature of an election bill late last month. It will be interesting to see if Hawaii’s new system – which seems to be working well in places like Colorado – has a comparable impact in the Aloha State.

Independence Day Blogging Break

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Fourth of July, I am declaring my (short) independence from blogging … posts will resume on Monday, July 8.

Democracy Fund’s “Stewards of Democracy” Report Released

Last week, The Democracy Fund released a new report, Stewards of Democracy, detailing the results of a survey of thousands of local election officials across the country. It’s a fascinating report and one I highly recommend as we continue to try and understand the election community – one local official at a time.