Number 27 Enters the Game: Georgia Joins ERIC

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The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) grew to 27 members yesterday with the announcement that the State of Georgia is joining 25 states and the District of Columbia to share information on voter registration, including eligible citizens who are not registered to vote. Here’s Georgia’s press release:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger today announced Georgia as the 26th state to join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a multistate partnership that uses a sophisticated and secure data-matching tool to improve the accuracy and efficiency of state voter registration systems.

“Joining ERIC is a tremendous step forward for the integrity of Georgia’s voter rolls, keeping our lists up-to-date and bringing our state to the absolute forefront of election security,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “Through this program, Georgia’s elections will be built upon a modernized voter registration system to ensure that we continue to make voting easier and cheating harder.”

Through ERIC, states share voter registration information to improve the integrity of voter lists. The national non-profit uses cross-state data matches to flag voters who may have registered in multiple states, moved out of state, or passed away – alerting election officials so that they can update voter rolls accordingly, consistent with federal and state law.

“In addition to enhancing the accuracy of our voter rolls, ERIC will help our office better identify, contact, and offer eligible but unregistered citizens the opportunity to register to vote,” said Elections Director Chris Harvey. “We are continuing to expand our efforts to increase voter registration and participation – bringing more Georgians to the voter lists and out to the polls.”

Not only will ERIC help to enhance election security and increase registered voters in Georgia, but it will also ensure greater efficiency on Election Day and reduce the cost of elections for an overall improved voter experience.

“Georgia is joining with the majority of states – states as red as Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina and states as blue as Connecticut, Illinois, and Oregon – to join ERIC, making it easier for voters to get registered and keep their voter information up-to-date,” said David Becker, Executive Director and Founder of the Center for Election Innovation & Research. “Before the 2020 election, Georgia voters will see what voters in other ERIC states have seen – more eligible voters registered and fewer problems at the polls.”

Georgia is a huge “get” for ERIC, both because of its size and its increasingly prominent place in the nation’s elections community – plus, this announcement also means that over half of the states are now ERIC members. Congratulations to the Peach State for this move and kudos to Shane Hamlin and the rest of the team for another successful recruitment. Stay tuned …

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