April 2019

Ohio to Consider Automatic Voter Registration

Yesterday, Ohio’s new Secretary of State announced a bipartisan effort to consider automatic voter registration – with a possibility that it could be in place for the 2020 election. It’s definitely newsworthy for Ohio to see the SoS and lawmakers talking with (instead of at) one another on an issue of this magnitude.

At an I(MN)passe: Partisan, Policy Disputes Continue to Delay Election Funds

Federal funds intended to assist states with election security upgrades are still at an impasse in Minnesota, with just a month left in the state legislative session. It’s an unfortunate situation as partisan and policy disputes mean that the state may not be able to access election security funds in time to affect the 2020 election.

Kansas Enacts New Law Expanding Voting Access

After years of debate over policies that restrict voting, the State of Kansas has enacted a new law expanding access for Sunflower State voters. It’s a story of cooperation and collaboration that has been all too rare in Kansas in recent years.