February 2019

Last Chance? Ohio to Send Purged Voters One More Mailing

Ohio’s new Secretary of State is taking steps to soften – at least temporarily – a controversial state practice that resulted in the removal of hundreds of thousands of voters in 2018 by sending recently-purged voters a voter registration card at their last known address.

Sandusky, OH Makes Election Day a Paid City Holiday

Sandusky, Ohio leaders are making national news after moving to make Election Day a paid holiday by swapping it with Columbus Day. The city’s move is certain to inspire conversation and maybe even action in other communities – especially with elections front of mind with the 2020 election rapidly approaching.

Fantastic! The EAC is Officially Four Again

Yesterday, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) was formally restored to full membership for the first time in nearly ten years with the swearing in of two new recently confirmed Commissioners.

MN Bill Would Eliminate Restrictions on Voter Language Assistance

Minnesotans offering language assistance to voters would no longer be as limited in doing so, according to a new bill recently filed by a new Hmong-speaking representative in the state legislature in response to a recent federal ruling blocking a prosecution under that law on voting rights grounds.

A Do-Over Do-Over: Georgia House Race to be Re-Run a Second Time

Last July, I wrote about how voter misassignment errors led a Georgia judge to order a do-over of a primary in a state house race. Last week, the same judge ordered a second do-over – after another close result between the same two candidates – after evidence that the problem had occurred again.

electionlineWeekly on New NSGIC Election Project, Survey

The latest electionlineWeekly features a new effort – and report! – from the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) examining how states are increasingly harnessing geographic information systems (GIS) to help with election management and administration.