January 2019

State Law Makes Some Minnesota Mail Ballots Too Late to Count in Special Election

Several hundred voters living in mail-only precincts did not have their votes counted recently because Minnesota state law regarding special elections meant they did not receive their ballots in time to vote and return them. Federal law has addressed this issue for military and overseas voters – perhaps it’s time to fix it stateside as well.

Iowa House Votes To Reject Barcoded Ballots in Disputed Election

The Iowa House of Representatives voted yesterday along party lines to reject a challenge in a disputed election with a nine-vote margin, deciding that absentee ballots that arrived without traditional postmarks but with “intelligent mail barcodes” did not comply with Iowa law.

Georgia Seeks $150 Million for New Voting Machines

Georgia’s new Secretary of State is asking the legislature for $150 million to purchase a new statewide voting system – over the objections of some who claim a cheaper and more secure system is available. Technology aside, it’ll be interesting to see how – and where from – lawmakers find the money needed to make the change.

And Then There Were 26: Michigan Joins ERIC

Michigan’s new Secretary of State announced yesterday that the state will become the 26th member of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). The announcement means that a majority of states and D.C. will now be members – dramatic growth for ERIC in the first six-plus years since its founding.