October 2018

Spotlight on 50-Year Alaska Pollworker Janette Hanneman

I always love it when local papers spotlight residents for longtime service to the election process – so I am delighted to share this piece from the Fairbanks, AK Daily News-Miner celebrating 50 years of service by pollworker Janette Hanneman. People like her are the reason why I love what do – dedicated to the work, generous with their time and enthusiastic about helping their fellow Americans navigate the voting process.

Lawsuit Seeks to Extend SC Voter Registration Due to Florence Flooding

Election litigation usually means that two (or more) parties disagree about some election policy – and might be angry about it besides. Every now and then, however, you see a lawsuit that no one opposes but nonetheless has to proceed in order to make a change. So it is with a new lawsuit in South Carolina, where the Attorney General is suing the State Election Commission to extend voter registration deadlines in the state hit hard by Hurricane Florence.