Friday Fun: An #Electiongeek Playlist

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Election Day is 46 days away, and preparations are in full swing across the country. As you get it all together for the big day – and for just a little Friday fun –  here’s a short list of songs/videos for #electiongeeks everywhere – enjoy!

The first song comes from the University of Michigan Marching Band, who recently performed a halftime show dedicated to voting as part of the Big Ten Challenge:

Next is a set of songs from The More Perfect album, a project of WYNC’s Radiolab assembling an collection of songs celebrating the 27 amendments to the Constitution.

There’s one by Aisha Burns on the Fifteenth Amendment eliminating racial classifications on voting:

The legendary Dolly Parton has a song about women’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment:

And Suburban Living celebrates the 26th Amendment and lowering the voting age to 18:

Finally, in a nod to Schoolhouse Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Yara Shahidi invite all Americans to join them on “Voting Avenue”:

Hopefully one or more of these songs can put a spring in your step as Election Day approaches … rock on, #electiongeeks – and stay tuned!

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