April 2018

Voting On My Mind: Georgia to Form Bipartisan Commission to Review Voting Technology

Georgia’s Secretary of State has announced he is forming (and will co-chair) a bipartisan commission aimed at identifying and reviewing alternatives to the state’s aging voting technology. It’s just an announcement for now, and there are many more steps to go – not the least of which is naming other members and starting the work – but this puts the Peach State on the list of states trying to move forward past their HAVA-era machines toward something new.

Pennsylvania to Move to Voter-Verifiable Voting Systems by 2019

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be moving to voter-verifiable voting systems as one consequence of new federal funding for new voting equipment. While not every state will have the same policy shifts that Pennsylvania is establishing, you can expect similar announcements in other states in the coming weeks and months.

FVAP Releases 2017 Annual Report

Earlier this week, the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) released their 2017 annual report to Congress. FVAP is a lot like the American men and women it serves around the world: doing important work for the nation but in a way that doesn’t always get a lot of notice.

Always Something: Lots of Complaints on Election Day in Wisconsin

One of my favorite things about elections is how intensely human they are; of course, they’re deeply important to our system of democracy – but they are also an endless source of insight into how people think and act, as illustrated by a story today about the kinds of complaints the Wisconsin Election Commission gets on Election Day.

Profile, Q and A Features Santa Cruz, CA’s Gail Pellerin

I often say that election officials aren’t just people I work with, they’re also some of my favorite people – which is why I really enjoyed a recent profile and Q and A of my friend and colleague, Santa Cruz County, CA’s Gail Pellerin, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It’s a revealing (and fun) look at life as a local election official.