March 2018

“Open Letter” to Voters on Cybersecurity from EIS-GCC

Members of the Election Infrastructure Subsector Government Coordinating Council recently published an “open letter” to voters addressing their work to enhance the nation’s election cybersecurity. While it won’t be easy, this effort suggests that common strategies to resist cyberthreats to the America’s voting system are on the way.

Nor’Easter? No Excuses – NH Votes Despite Heavy Snow

New England’s third nor’easter snowstorm in as many weeks pummeled New Hampshire yesterday, on the same day as voters across the state were supposed to head to the polls. But unlike last year, when bad weather forced many towns to cancel local elections, voting went ahead as state officials moved to restrict such cancellations.

Former Boone County, MO Clerk Wendy Noren Dies at 63

The election world suffered a huge loss this weekend with the death of longtime Boone County, MO Clerk Wendy Noren. Wendy’s legacy is immeasurable; so many “cutting edge” ideas in play today in the election field were pioneered in Boone County thanks to her foresight – and ferocious dedication to the work.

MIT’s Stewart on New Opinion Data on Election Hacking Threats

MIT’s Charles Stewart has a new post up over at Election Updates looking at how public opinion about election hacking has changed since the 2016 election … with fascinating insights into partisan differences about the seriousness of such threats – which have a follow-on effect on policymaking on election security.

New Here: Buchanan Becomes WY SoS, Wolfe WI Election Director

Two key state election jobs have new occupants this week in the wake of the announcement that Ed Buchanan is the new Secretary of State in Wyoming and Meagan Wolfe is the new election director in Wisconsin. Both of their appointments are an indication that the process in both states is returning to some semblance of normal.