November 2017

York County, PA Glitch Allows Double Votes for Some Candidates

Election Day 2017 seemed to go fairly smoothly yesterday; there were some power outages, issues with e-pollbooks and unexpectedly high turnouts that taxed election offices – but York County, PA had a situation that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before: voting machines that allowed multiple votes for the same candidate.

MacGyver Would Applaud: Reno County, KS Engineers a Homemade Solution to a Heavy Problem

Election administration has a well-deserved reputation for developing reliable procedures and carrying them out accurately time and again. It’s largely true and a good reputation to have, but it overlooks a key aspect of the job that can be just as important: inventiveness. That’s why I was tickled to see a story out of Reno County (Hutchinson), KS focusing on a homemade solution to a potentially difficult equipment problem.

electionlineWeekly on “What to Watch” on Election Day 2017

This likely isn’t news to anyone reading this, but next Tuesday, November 7 is Election Day for many states and localities across the country. As always, electionineWeekly’s Mindy Moretti has a look ahead at what to watch, including new technology, new rules and procedures – and even the weather. Here’s hoping the day goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Democracy Fund: Quality Poll Work Inspires Voter Confidence

A new study by the Democracy Fund finds that quality poll work can go a long way toward improving voters’ confidence in the process. Election officials already understand the importance of recruiting quality workers to staff the tables on Election Day, but this data suggests that doing so can reduce the likelihood of doubts about the outcome afterwards. That’s increasingly important in today’s polarized partisan environment.