May 2017

Charles Stewart on New Presidential Commission

MIT’s Charles Stewart is a familiar face on this blog, given his survey work on the voting experience and research on on polling place lines – and he has a piece at Election Updates on the new Presidential election integrity commission that has some important observations – especially about the potential lost opportunity for progress on efforts to improve the nation’s election system.

Questions About the New Presidential Election Integrity Commission

The White House announced yesterday that the President had signed an executive order establishing a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity tasked with examining the nation’s system for federal elections. Partisan uproar aside, there are several questions about the commission worth watching when (and if) it gets underway.

Drawing a Blank: Error Results in Some Ballots Without Names in Marion County, OR

A little more than two dozen voters in Marion County (Salem), Oregon got a surprise recently when their ballots arrived with no candidate names due to a design error. The nature of the error was such that it’s hard to identify a takeaway “practice pointer” going forward – meaning that it could just be one more thing for local officials to worry about before, during and after Election Day.

Mind The Gap (Day): Vermont Clerks Seek a Break Before Election Day

Election officials know that the run-up to Election Day can be chaotic and exhausting as all of the various pieces of the process are coming together – and in Vermont, local clerks are trying to get the state to give them a “gap day” on the Monday before so they can be ready. Unfortunately for them, the Secretary of State and the Legislature don’t seem to agree.

NYC Asks Voters to Choose New “I Voted” Sticker

New Yorkers are getting a chance to choose their new “I Voted” sticker in an online vote that runs through next week. While it’s definitely not the most important decision to be made in the elections field, it is worth paying attention and giving it some thought given how much voters love their “I Voted” stickers.