March 2017

Too Soon: Reports of 17-Year-Olds Voting in Wisconsin Primary

State officials and local prosecutors are trying to figure out what went wrong after reports that numerous 17-year-olds improperly cast ballots in last year’s Wisconsin presidential primary. This story illuminates both the policy and informational challenges involved when voters who are not yet of voting age but will be 18 at the general election want to cast ballots in the primary.

Montana Special Election Mail Ballot Dispute Races Towards April Deadline

Montana has set Thursday, May 25 as the date for a special election in which voters will choose the state’s new at-large U.S. Representative. Unfortunately, the state has yet to decide on how that vote will take place because of disagreement over a bill designating the special as an all-mail election. Election officials need to know soon as “drop-dead” dates for preparation are rapidly approaching.

Parties File Supreme Court Briefs in Maine Ranked Choice Voting Dispute

In February, the Maine state legislature moved to declare a “solemn occasion” under the state Constitution and seek review of the new ranked choice voting provision enacted by voters in 2016. The briefs in that case were due last Friday, and they set up a clash between RCV supporters and several state officials over the constitutionality of RCV.

Former AZ SoS Shows Interest in Maricopa County Elections Job

In Arizona’s Maricopa County (Phoenix), a former Secretary of State has indicated his interest in taking over the county election job – but only if it is separated from the county recorder’s office which just changed partisan hands for the the first time in decades. It doesn’t appear the county is interested, however, and is focused instead on hiring a new elections director who can “air traffic control” the busy operation.

electionlineWeekly on King County Postage-Paid Ballot Pilot

This week, electionline’s Mindy Moretti has a look in the weekly newsletter at how King County (Seattle), WA’s postage-paid ballot pilot fared during a recent election. It’ll be interesting to see if the idea gathers steam in Washington state or elsewhere nationwide.