November 2016

Durham County’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election Day

Election Day went very smoothly for most of the nation – which is good for the country and the election community, but can be uncomfortable for any jurisdictions where problems do arise because they tend to stand out. It can be even more difficult when the problems arise in a state where results are being closely scrutinized for their political impact. Meet Durham County, North Carolina.

Election Day 2016

I’ve already said a lot about this election, and there will be a lot more to say starting tomorrow. Today, we vote.

Oldie but Goodie: An Election Geek’s Guide To Election Day

It’s almost here … at this time tomorrow, polls will be open in several states for Election Day and the long-awaited (and eagerly anticipated) close to the 2016 election campaign will be underway. Looking ahead to tomorrow, I’d like to report something I first wrote in 2012 and re-posted in 2014. It’s surprisingly still pretty fresh, and a good guide on how to watch what does (and doesn’t) happen tomorrow.

Always Ready, Always There: Ohio National Guard Assisting with Election Cybersecurity

With Election Day just a few days away, cybersecurity continues to be a key topic – and in Ohio, the state’s chief election official is tapping an unusual source for help: the National Guard. It’s just the latest example of how the job of election administration is changing and expanding – and proof that an election official’s list of contacts has to grow to keep pace with the challenge.

CSG Policy Working Group Releases Recommendations on Overseas Voting

The Council of State Governments has a new report that makes numerous recommendations about how states and localities can better serve their military and overseas voters. While this report may be competing right now with a lot of other pre-election news, it has some key insights for policymakers and election officials on the best ways to serve voters around the world.

Get To The Polls 2016 Launches!

In case you hadn’t heard, Election Day is one week away … and if you’re not one of the 20+ million people who’ve already voted, now is the time to figure out where, when and how to cast your ballot. Fortunately, answers to those questions are handier than ever, thanks to Get To The Polls – a joint effort by Pew, Google and numerous tech partners via the Voting Information Project.