Morning After “I Need Coffee – Just The Facts” Roundup


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Most of the country, like me, is more than a little sleep-deprived this morning after a long Election Day so let’s keep it simple for now with a quick roundup:

+ The day had typical, isolated excitement but all in all the election system worked – as usual. The award for the jurisdiction who had the worst day was undoubtedly Durham, NC where morning problems led to polling extensions in a few precincts and a long night entering returns.

+ It was a mixed bag for incumbent Secretaries of State as Washington’s Kim Wyman was leading in her re-election bid while West Virginia’s Natalie Tennant was defeated by challenger Mac Warner. [UPDATE: Vermont SoS Jim Condos and Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox were also re-elected.]

+ There are also four new Secretaries of State: Jay Ashcroft in Missouri, Cory Stapleton in Montana, Maggie Toulouse Oliver in New Mexico and Dennis Richardson in Oregon.

+ In Florida, Mark Earley was elected election supervisor in Leon County, Alan Hays in Lake County and Sharon Harrington was unseated by Tommy Doyle in Lee County.

+ Alaska voted to link voter registration to the Alaska Permanent Fund.

+ Maine voted to approve ranked-choice voting. [UPDATE: Benton County, Oregon, too.]

+ Missouri voted to amend the state constitution to require voter ID.

That’s it for now … I’ll be back tomorrow after a little (OK a LOT) more coffee.

Stay tuned …

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