New Jersey Governor Christie Vetoes “Democracy Act”

Citing the threat of voter fraud, potential costs and “political gamesmanship,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie yesterday vetoed a sweeping election reform bill. The veto – which wasn’t really surprising given partisan differences and the broad scope of the legislation – sets up a potential effort to take the issue to voters and suggests the fight is far from over.

electionlineWeekly looks ahead to Election Day 2015

electionlineWeekly has a curtain-raiser on next week’s election, with vote by mail concerns in numerous states and localities, new machines, interesting initiatives in different communities – and a chance for one lucky Philadelphia voter to win $10,000.

Small City, Big Problem: Martindale, TX to Re-Run Mayoral Election After Errors

The tiny city of Martindale, TX (pop. ~1,200) is facing a re-run of its recent mayoral election after a series of errors in administering the vote led a court to invalidate the results. This story highlights the challenges facing elections in the country’s smallest communities, which often involve complicated cost- and management-sharing arrangements that cross county lines.

Citing Concerns About USPS, Colorado SoS Urges Voters to Drop Off Ballots

Colorado SoS Wayne Williams is urging voters to forgo the mail and drop off their completed ballots in person, citing data suggesting that delivery of outgoing ballots had been delayed. It’s a story that is likely to become more commonplace as more and more ballots travel by mail at the same time there are concerns about USPS service.