Election Day (Not-So) Live Blog 2015


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Kind of a late start this morning, but I’ll be watching to see if any interesting Election Day stories pop up … I’ll be interested to see what effect the Royals victory parade has on the Kansas City election (new EAC executive director and soon-to-be former Johnson County, KS official Brian Newby has some thoughts here) as well as other odds and ends throughout the day.

I’ll continue to update throughout the day … not expecting a huge news day but sometimes those turn out to be the most exciting!

Stay tuned …

9:30am Eastern – so far this morning, the thing that strikes me the most is the number of election offices using social media to tell voters there’s no election today. I like it – a subtle reminder about future votes even though there isn’t one today.

9:45am – The folks at the Voting Information Project have put all of their 2015 data at gttp.votinginfoproject.org … lots of information for elections that may be slipping a little under the radar!

10:30am – Not really an election administration story, but one candidate in Staten Island is unhappy with the local paper after her sticker ad in today’s paper incorrectly read “Vote Tomorrow!

11:15am – Johnson County (CORRECTED – Iowa City), IA’s auditor is cautioning on Twitter that a Daily Iowan news article about Election Day isn’t clear that voters can only vote in their assigned precinct: “News article looks like you can vote at any polling place near campus. Not true. You have to go to the ONE polling place for your precinct!”

11:45am – Santa Cruz, CA’s Gail Pellerin has one local election that’s already over 70% and she’s hoping for 100% … here’s what she said on TwitterElection today with 14 property owners. Still waiting for 4 ballots. Come on folks! Let’s hit 100% turnout! [UPDATE: Gail says she will be watching the mail for the remaining ballots, which if postmarked by today can arrive by Friday.]

3:00pm – Back in in the old electionline days, we used to joke that one reliable Election Day occurrence was a car driving into a polling place … while this doesn’t exactly qualify, here’s a story from Pew researcher (and electionline alum) Sean Greene: North Utica [NY] Polling Place Remained Open After Crash Left Neighborhood Without Power. As usual, no one was hurt (thankfully).

3:30pm – It wouldn’t be Election Day without some problems, and it appears the big culprits today are e-pollbooks – which is not entirely unexpected given that they are new technology to pollworkers … there are reports of delays in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) OH, Portage (Valparaiso) IL, Houston TX and Roanoke VA … Portage has pushed voting to 7pm according to the Chicago Tribune.

4:00pm – Sad news from Indianapolis, where a 74-year-old man on his way to serve as a pollworker was killed in an accident early this morning.

5:00pm – Barring any major problems, I’m shutting this down for the day … polls close starting at 6:00pm in Kentucky. Check electionline.org tomorrow morning for the headlines and then stop by here and see if I have anything to add!

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  1. Doug:

    We have tried to get the word out about there not being elections in Delaware today. Folks see all the commercials about elections in PA and NJ and assume that there must be elections in Delaware. The absence of campaign signs, robo-calls, mailers, etc. would seem to give most folks a clue.

    We finally put a message on our phone system and the calls have subsided.



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