September 2015

Matt Harvey and the Challenge of Choosing the Right Data to Measure

The controversy in New York about limiting the workload of star Mets pitcher Matt Harvey highlights the importance of choosing what data to measure and how best to use it. The same principle applies to election administration, where an over-emphasis on turnout can obscure other important goals and values.

Connecticut Launches New Election Official Certification Program

Connecticut has formally launched its training program for registrars – supported by SoS Denise Merrill and inspired by election problems in Hartford and elsewhere in recent elections. A key aspect of the program will be the requirement that election officials take and pass the courses as a condition of employment, though all concerned say they’ll do what they can to make sure everyone does.

San Francisco RFI Lays Out Voting Technology Needs in a Changing Environment

The City of San Francisco has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking a new voting system … and that request illuminates the challenges facing election administrators in an ever-changing environment: finding a system that meets legal requirements with a desired technological approach – all at an affordable price.

Nebraska, Iowa Next Two States Slated to Offer OVR

Neighbors (and B1G Ten rivals) Nebraska and Iowa are both moving soon to online voter registration for 2016 and beyond – a development that means about half the country now offers OVR to its citizens. It’s a development that is likely to be a fascinating and welcome counterpoint to the partisan fights that a national election brings.

Danvers Single-Precinct Debate Provides Case Study of Poll Location Issues

A new story about Danvers, MA’s debate regarding consolidating precincts into a single location – at newly-renovated Danvers High – is a fantastic case study of the real-life issues election officials face in choosing and managing polling locations: turnout, traffic/parking and coordination with other local agencies. [UPDATED with info about police traffic details!]