September 2015

At Radford, Town and Gown Work Together to Register Students

Virginia’s Radford University is working with the local election office to use student deputy registrars to explain the process and assist their classmates with issues related to voter registration. It’s a great example of town/gown cooperation to improve voting and elections.

“3 Minutes. Click. Done.” Washington Postcards Encourage Eligible Residents to Register

Washington state election officials are once again sending out postcards to eligible but unregistered residents encouraging them to register to vote. The program is one product of the state’s participation in a multi-state data exchange, and is lauded by state officials not only for increasing participation but also helping to maintain up-to-date and accurate voter rolls.

National Voter Registration Day 2015

It’s National Voter Registration Day, which means events nationwide encouraging Americans to register to vote or update their records – with even the President getting into the act. The Day has been a remarkable success – not just for sparking technological or policy changes, but also for raising awareness among voters about regularly checking and updating their records.

Too Many People? Counties Respond to Letters Saying Voting Rolls Are Bloated

Two national voting integrity organizations are writing to county election officials noting a discrepancy between the number of registered voters and those jurisdictions’ voting age population – and suggesting that they might sue to address the problem. The counties say there are lots of valid reasons why those numbers wouldn’t match. Either way, it’s a reminder that the application is just the first step in voter registration.

Newby’s Latest: USPS Gives (and Gets) an Election Day Zero

Brian Newby’s ElectionDiary is back – this time with the Case of the Disappearing Tuesday Mail, which just disenfranchised 79 voters in one community. Maybe voters should send their ballots sooner, but with unpredictable USPS service (and no postmark rule) it’s hard to give them an idea when.