July 2015

Electiongeeks, Rejoice Some More: New Census Data on Registration and Voting in 2014

New Census data on registration and voting in 2014 shows several key trends, including continued high rates of early and absentee voting and that older people (65+) vote at more than two and half times the rate of younger Americans (18-34). While the data does have issues – namely, that it tends to over-report turnout because it is based on a survey – it’s a valuable dataset as the 2016 election races into view.

Opinions Have Layers (cont.): What’s at Stake in the NC Voting Rights Case

The current Voting Rights Act challenge to North Carolina’s election laws, like Shrek and his beloved onions, has several layers – each more fascinating and flavorful than the last. The court is being asked to decide not only the future of voting in the state but also, in essence, to weigh in on future enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.

Los Angeles County Goes Hollywood: Bloomberg Profile of New Voting System

Los Angeles County’s groundbreaking voting system work is familiar to many – but the project just got a much bigger national audience with a recent profile in BloombergPolitics. It’s a terrific look at a story that will almost certainly be a game-changer for jurisdictions nationwide struggling with what the PCEA called an “impending crisis” in voting technology.

New Report Examines Future of Internet Voting

A new report by the US Vote Foundation and sponsored by the Democracy Fund examines the Future of Voting (at least over the Internet) and finds that it needs to be based on the concept of end-to-end verifiability. These findings will help shape the debate over and development of Internet voting for months and years to come.

Sebastian County Voting Equipment Discussions Spawn Headline of the Year: “Polling-Gear Costs Vex County Exec”

Sebastian County (Ft. Smith) Arkansas is working through how to afford new voting equipment – including reducing the number of polling places and/or reusing early voting machines on Election Day – because existing funds are not seen as enough to cover the cost. The headline (which would make any big city tabloid proud) probably sounds familiar to other election officials nationwide.

Fewer Letters in the Alphabet Soup: NACRC, IACREOT to Merge

Organizations representing election officials across the nation have always been an alphabet soup due to the wide geographic variety and distribution of authority at different levels of government. But that soup got a little less crowded last week with the announcement that two national organizations representing local officials have voted to merge.

Happy Independence Day!

This weekend is a time to celebrate our nation’s democracy – and for electiongeeks to take a step back and appreciate all they do to make that democracy work. I’m taking a short blogging break and the blog will return next Tuesday, July 7. Have fun, be safe and see you next week!