Old Home Week (Or, Staying Tuned): Catching Up on Recent Blog Subjects


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As I scrolled through today’s news on electionline, I was struck by how many links involved stories I’ve blogged recently. And since I often end my posts with “stay tuned!” I figured I’d take my own advice and catch up:

In Hartford, CT an attorney retained by the city council has delivered a written opinion that the city may legally remove the election registrars reportedly responsible for last November’s troubled election in the city (Hartford Courant);

In Nebraska, a voter ID bill is all but dead after the unicameral legislature voted to “bracket” (or table) it on a 25-15 vote. Some Republicans opposed the bill due to a combination of cost concerns and skepticism that the problem of voter fraud exists (Omaha.com)

In Mineral County, NV residents are frustrated at the lack of progress by the District Attorney on the investigation into why a cartridge of election results wasn’t discovered until after last fall’s election was completed and certified(KOLO-TV); and

An Arizona congressman has introduced legislation that would resolve the proof-of-citizenship dispute between the federal government and the states of Arizona and Kansas by changing federal law to require such proof (The Hill).

Obviously, all of these stories are far from resolved, meaning … stay tuned!

[But don’t worry, I’ll stay tuned so you don’t necessarily have to – watch this space.]

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