January 2015

Thumbs Up? New Mexico to Study Biometrics to ID Voters

A New Mexico state senator has proposed legislation to have the state study the feasibility of biometric identification for voting. While that change isn’t likely to happen fast, the political, technical and fiscal issues it raises will be worth watching.

Hartford Moves to Remove Registrars After Election Day Debacle

Hartford’s City Council has begun the process of removing three registrars in the wake of crippling problems on Election Day 2014. The issues in that story highlight the challenges that face soaring calls to make voting easier like those in last night’s State of the Union.

It’s All Happening in Ohio

Ohio will once again debate the move to online voter registration, just as the SoS announces a sharp drop in provisional ballots thanks to online address changes – and county election officials ask for the ability to pilot vote centers in the Buckeye State.

Everybody’s Looking Ahead to 2015

This week, both electionlineWeekly and NCSL’s Canvass have pieces looking ahead at 2015 – it’s a nice “curtain-raiser” on the issues, challenges and debates that will shape the coming year in elections.