December 2014

Habemus EAC!

Senate confirmation of three new EAC Commissioners reminds me of the excitement and speculation that accompanies the election of a new Pope. The EAC has a long to-do list and challenges to face but at least it’s back in the game.

IEEE Seeks Comments, Votes on New Election Data Standard

IEEE has prepared a draft of its election results reporting standard – which offers the promise of assisting everyone in the field with storing, reporting and analyzing election data. The deadline to comment and vote is January 15, 2015 – take a look!

But First Let Me Take a Selfie (Just Not in the Voting Booth)

NPR’s Zoe Mathews has the story of an ACLU lawsuit against New Hampshire’s prohibition on “ballot selfies.” Plaintiffs say it infringes on political speech, but I think there are lots of other opportunities to speak and the risk of vote buying or coercion is too great.