Post-Election Update on Early SoS Returns


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Election Day 2014 is now officially behind us (at least on the calendar) … with all the caveats and reminders that Election Night returns are preliminary and nothing is yet final, here is the lineup of apparent winners from Secretary of State and other chief state election official races from last night. [NOTE: I used official state sites except where they were missing or non-responsive]

Alabama: Republican John Merrill

Alaska: Independent Byron Mallott leads Republican Dan Sullivan by slightly over 3,000 votes with thousands of ballots left to count

Arizona: Republican Michele Reagan

Arkansas: Republican Mark Martin (re-elected)

California: Democrat Alex Padilla leads Republican Pete Peterson

Colorado: Republican Wayne Williams

Connecticut: Democrat Denise Merrill (incumbent) leads Republican Peter Lumaj

Georgia: Republican Brian Kemp (re-elected)

Idaho: Republican Lawerence Denney

Indiana: Republican Connie Lawson (re-elected)

Iowa: Republican Paul Pate

Kansas: Republican Kris Kobach (re-elected)

Massachusetts: Democrat William Galvin (re-elected)

Michigan: Republican Ruth Johnson (re-elected)

Minnesota: DFL Steve Simon

Nebraska: Republican John Gale (re-elected)

Nevada: Republican Barbara Cegavske

New Mexico: Republican Dianna Duran (re-elected)

North Dakota: Republican Al Jaeger (re-elected)

Ohio: Republican Jon Husted (re-elected)

Rhode Island: Democrat Nellie Gorbea

South Dakota: Republican Shantel Krebs

Vermont: Democrat Jim Condos (re-elected)

Wyoming: Republican Ed Murray

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who ran … we’ll have much more on what all this means in the weeks and months ahead! Stay tuned …

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