October 2014

electionlineWeekly Updates 2014 SoS Races

With Election Day about three weeks away, electionlineWeekly looks at the 2014 races for Secretary of State, where retirements and term limits mean that at least 12 states will have a new chief state election official starting in 2015.

MINNPOST: Minnesota SoS Race Offers Contrasts

MinnPost’s Doug Grow has a great “curtain-raiser” on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s race – which is a nice lead-in to a conversation with the candidates we’ll be hosting at Humphrey on Monday, October 20.

NPR’s Pam Fessler on Provisional Ballots

NPR’s Pam Fessler takes a look at the now-familiar if not-yet-well-understood issue of provisional ballots, which are about to get renewed attention because of law changes and recent court decisions like the Supreme Court’s ruling in North Carolina.

Summit County, Ohio to Use Nonpartisan Poll Workers

Akron, Ohio’s home county is moving to staff up with nonpartisan pollworkers in an effort to alleviate shortages related to the traditional reliance on the partisan “adversary system” in managing the polls on Election Day.

“Friday Night Lights” Voting Enlivens Iowa Elections

In Iowa, voting and high school football – two popular autumn pastimes – are together in the same place as Johnson County brings its VoteMobile to schools on Friday nights. As electionline’s Mindy Moretti notes: “With clear eyes and full hearts voters … can’t lose.”