September 2014

Ohio Early Voting Case: What’s The Baseline?

The 6th Circuit’s opinion upholding the expansion of early voting in Ohio tees up a conflict with other courts on the technical but vitally important question of retrogression – in particular, the baseline for comparison when considering Voting Rights Act complaints.

Rick Hasen on Uniformity in Election Administration

Rick Hasen, UC-Irvine law professor and the Hardest Working Man in Election Law Business, has a fantastic new piece looking at the issue of uniformity in election administration which urges a focus on voters and not just entities like counties.

Internet Voting an Issue in Massachusetts SoS Race

The main challenger to Massachusetts’ long-serving Secretary of State is trying to use online voting as a campaign issue in an effort to paint the incumbent as out of touch. It isn’t likely to succeed but is definitely a sign of the times.