July 2014

New Hampshire Judge Strikes Down Residency Law

A 2012 New Hampshire law imposing concrete requirements for voting domicile like vehicle registration and driver’s licensing was permanently struck down by a state court yesterday. The smart bet is that the fight isn’t over yet.

DIY: Brian Newby on Printing Ballots In-House

Johnson County, KS is taking the step of printing its ballots in-house for an upcoming election – a do it yourself project that looks to save costs and reduce workload. As always, we get a behind-the-scenes and up-close look courtesy of Brian Newby.

NCSL Q&A with Minnetonka’s David Maeda

NCSL has been convening legislators and election officials to discuss election policy – and a new Q&A with the Minnetonka, MN city clerk illuminates several key issues at play in the North Star State.