June 2014

Hawaii Early Voting Site Closure: Money Talks

Hawaii election officials are closing a popular early voting location on Oahu’s Windward side, ostensibly in favor of more vote by mail ballots – but when you look closely it’s pretty clear it’s nothing more than old-fashioned cost savings on a tight budget.

Iowa Study Finds No Postmark on Many Ballots

Following up on last week’s story about late mail ballots, today’s post examines recent data from Iowa showing that not all mail ballots receive postmarks – requiring policymakers and election officials to decide what to do when such ballots arrive late.

Not Just ID Anymore: Early Voting Divides Parties

A new Associated Press article details how the parties are circling the wagons on a new partisan fight over early voting – one which may or may not have a basis in fact but has a very real possibility of disrupting voting in 2014 and beyond.

Gerken on the EAC: “Let Them Play”

Yale Law’s Heather Gerken has a new op-ed in The Hill in which she likens the EAC to the Bad News Bears – and encourages policymakers to acknowledge the agency’s value (especially on data collection) and “let them play!”