It Helps if You Close Your Eyes: UChicago IOP Video on “Professionalization of Election Administration”



[Screenshot image courtesy of IOP]

Yesterday, the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy held a symposium Entitled “Blueprint to Implementation: Election Administration Reform for 2014, 2016 and Beyond“. The day was absolutely jam-packed with speakers and content at the very cutting edge of the effort to bring the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration to life as soon as possible.

I was invited to attend but was otherwise (happily!) engaged, so the good people at UChicago’s Institute of Politics were kind enough to take a trip to Minneapolis and talk for a while about the future of the field and the Election Academy’s interest in helping to build a national profession of election administration. The end result was a short video which is as good a summary of my work at the Election Academy as I’ve ever seen.

So, if you can handle three minutes of the above image, click here to see the video. [If not, click the link and close your eyes.]

Thanks especially to IOP Director Amin Cyntje and videographer Raymond Whitehouse for taking the time to visit Humphrey and shoot this short video – and my congratulations to the Harris School for spreading the word about the important work of the PCEA and lending their efforts to help making election administration reform happen!

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