New Pew Snapshots Provide State-Level Look at 2012 Election Data


[Image courtesy of Pew]

Last week, Pew’s Elections team launched a series of state snapshots of 2012 election data, offering a state’s-eye view of last year’s election.

These snapshots – to emerge five at a time – will continue through the coming months, and will be a handy and concise way for researchers, policymakers and election geeks alike to look back at 2012. Here’s Pew’s Election Data Dispatch on the Ohio numbers (above – other states released were DC, Maryland, Washington State and Wisconsin):

In the 2012 presidential election, approximately one-third of the more than 5.6 million ballots cast in Ohio were cast before Election Day, surpassing early vote totals for 2008, when almost 30 percent of ballots were cast early. The increase was due in part to absentee ballot applications being sent to all registered voters, a first for the state.

Additionally, even with more absentee ballots cast than in 2008, fewer were rejected: Approximately 13,000 were not counted in 2012, compared with almost 26,000 rejected in 2008.

Thanks to the Pew team for these snapshots – and I look forward to seeing more in the coming weeks and months!

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