April 2012

Outside Looking In? Public Access to Election Databases

Marion County, IN is debating whether to allow non-party endorsed candidates access to voter registration data. That issue – and access to data overall – is one which which is likely to become increasingly relevant to election officials nationwide.

Cost of Voter ID: What We Know, and What We Don’t

NCSL’s Todd Haggerty and Wendy Underhill have been studying the costs of photo ID across the nation. This article (reprinted from electionlineWeekly) shares some of that data and identifies how ID is (and isn’t) increasing election costs to states and localities.

I Have CONFIDENCE … in the Election System?

MIT political scientists Michael Sances and Charles Stewart look at voter confidence across the decade following the disputed 2000 election. What they discover – especially about the impact of changes intended to boost confidence – is surprising.

Data is Awesome: DC Early Voting Numbers

A new Washington Post blog post about DC’s early voting is a powerful example of how the whole community – election officials plus technologists and the media – can come together to produce something incredibly valuable.