March 2012

SXSW: Newest Ingredient in Elections’ Alphabet Soup

The alphabet soup of elections – my name for the considerable number of organizations aimed at election officials – is now spicier thanks to the emergence of South by Southwest (SXSW) as a destination for the absolute cutting edge of elections and technology.

One Big Reason I’m an Election Geek

Something I’m thankful for post-Super Tuesday: Election administration has no expectations to beat, momentum to maintain or narratives to extend – just votes to count and results to report. That’s why I’m an election geek, not a political junkie.

It’s Complicated: Early Voting Rates Down in Ohio

Early voting is down in Ohio in advance of tomorrow’s presidential primary. Figuring out why isn’t just the stuff of punditry – it could also help election officials better allocate their resources. Unfortunately, figuring out why isn’t likely to be easy given the various moving parts in Ohio this go-round.