February 2012

Voter ID, Recall Drama Means It’s ON, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s 2012 recipe of voter ID and a statewide recall election could mean a wealth of real-world data on the impact of ID requirements as well as its interaction with Election Day registration. It will likely be exhausting, however.

Faulty NYC Scanner Misreads Votes, Earns Bronx Cheer

Nothing is as amazing to behold as a newspaper on an outrage rampage – and right now the New York Daily News is pounding the Board of Elections over its (puzzling) inaction in the face of evidence of a faulty Bronx ballot scanner in the 2010 election.

Summit County, OH Funding Debate Yields Rich Vein of Spending Data

Summit County, OH is involved in a budget battle between the election board and county legislators about the 2012 budget. The latest salvo in that battle – a pile of data comparing election spending in several counties – is a valuable window into the cost components of election administration.

The Other Side of Inaccuracy: More Than 50 Million Unregistered

Pew’s recent registration report indicates that election officials have work to do in finding and fixing erroneous, outdated and duplicate entries on their lists. But they may also be facing considerable work related to adding as many as 51 million eligible but unregistered Americans to the nation’s voter rolls.