January 2012

Online Registration and the “Cost of Convenience”

A new article suggests that using e-mail to direct voters to online registration forms may not yield the expected benefit because of the “cost of convenience.” This post looks at that study – and its conclusions about what states and localities can do to use technology to boost participation.

New Equation for Voting Technology: Auditing > Testing?

A new article by Berkeley’s Phillip Stark and David Wagner proposes a new approach to voting technology – one which could make the increasingly problematic testing and certification process unnecessary in the wake of a new, evidence-based regime.

Overseas Vote Foundation 2012 Summit

The Overseas Vote Foundation will be hosting its Sixth Annual Summit on January 27 in Washington, DC – it’s a must-see for anyone interested in military and overseas voting.

Election Geekery 101: Turnout

A Twitter(!) suggestion about presidential primary scheduling offers an opportunity to look more closely at the question of turnout – which itself will get lots of scrutiny this year.