January 2012

SC Election Director on Dead Voters: Not So Fast

Recent testimony by South Carolina’s state election director (profiled by Pew today) casts doubt on allegations that over 900 dead voters have cast ballots in that state. Whether or not that analysis will have an opportunity to be completed – and whether it will matter in the state’s ongoing battles over election policy, particularly voter ID – remains to be seen.

There I Fixed Your Primary For You: Judge Orders June 26 NY Primary

Last Friday a federal judge ordered that New York hold its Congressional primary on June 26, 2012. While this answers the question about how New York will comply with the MOVE Act, it creates a new (and potentially expensive) problem about what to do about the state’s primary still scheduled for September.

When is an Election Over? Depends Who You Ask – and Why

The emerging story about who really “won” the GOP Iowa caucuses raises the question of when – and why – and election can be considered “over.” While election results aren’t instantaneous, timeliness of official returns is likely to become more important as demand intensifies for news of an election’s outcome on the contests and questions of the day.

Sunrise, Sunset – ElectionDiary Fills Void Left by @EACGov

ElectionDiary – a blog by Kansas election professional Brian Newby – is an exciting new addition to the world of election administration. Its debut is just timely enough to ease the sting of the demise of @EACGov, the Twitter stream that has fallen silent with the departure Jeannie Layson, the agency’s queen of social media.