November 2011

Estimating Election Costs – Easier Than It Seems?

Pew’s latest Election Data Dispatch looks at cost data from Massachusetts’ recent special U.S. Senate election. The data suggests that even a modest investment in data collection can pay powerful dividends in certainty about election costs.

“New Eyes” and Elections

A recent op-ed on smartphone voting points out the value of “new eyes” in the ongoing effort to modernize our system of elections.

An Educated Consumer is Our Best Voter

With Election Day 2011 (and Election Day 2012!) rapidly approaching, here’s what every voter can do to make sure he or she is an “educated consumer” before casting a ballot.

Internet Voting: Why It Isn’t “Someday” Yet

A new white paper by computer scientist David Jefferson on the differing characteristics of online commerce and online voting is a nice primer on the obstacles facing adoption of Internet voting in the United States.