A (Quick) Look Ahead to the Near Future of Election News


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It’s almost Thanksgiving, so you likely aren’t interested in a full, heavy blog post … so here are two stories from the last couple of days that I’m confident we’ll be hearing more about before the end of 2011 (if for no other reason that I’ll probably blog about them!) …

Wisconsin Republican Party plans to name poll workers across state: Not only are the NFL’s Packers undefeated, but election news from Wisconsin continues to dominate the headlines. This story – which has political overtones plus numerous election administration themes (partisanship, training, local control, etc.) just feels like one which will be with us long after the leftovers are gone.

Opponents’ input sought in implementing Mississippi voter ID: Newly re-elected Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is reaching out to opponents of voter ID, which was approved by the voters and will now need approval from the U.S. Department of Justice. Here’s the interesting part, from the linked article: “The amendment calls for voters to show government-issued photo identification before they are allowed to vote, but lays out no details. How voter ID will actually work could prove crucial to federal approval.” It will be especially interesting to see how DOJ review of similar laws in South Carolina and Texas will shape Mississippi’s plans – and opponents’ strategies to stop them.

The blog will take a break until next Monday, November 28 – hope to see you then!

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