Voting Information Project Launches Gadgets for 2011 Elections


[Image courtesy of Voting Information Project]

As Election Day approaches in communities across the country, my friends and former colleagues at the Voting Information Project (VIP) have begun releasing the gadgets you’ll need to get information in several states about casting a ballot. Right now they’re up to six states – CT, MS, NC, OH, PA and VA.

If you’re interested in helping voters find information about where, when and how to vote you can grab the code at the links below and post them on your own page. If your state isn’t one of those already released, keep checking here at the VIP site to see new states as they come on line. Each of the state gadgets is below.

In the meantime, take a look at this short (and very cool) video that explains the hows and whys of the Voting Information Project:

If you want to learn more – or want to know if your state or locality is participating in VIP – please contact Project staff at



North Carolina




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